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See helpful and interesting stats, as well as fun novelty stats, all uploaded to your activity description automatically with personalised selections.

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Supercharged Strava descriptions
Select from any of the following to update automatically with new activities

  • An up to date running total of your current run streak
  • A running counter of how many days you’ve run out of the total
  • How many kilometres have you run this year? How many have you averaged in the last 4 weeks per week?
  • How much climbing have you done this year? How much climbing have you averaged in the last 4 weeks per week?
  • How many slices of pizza, how many beers or how many glasses of wine did you burn on that run? (Note: as with all the stats, the calorie stats can be turned off at any time)
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  • Days Run Stats
  • Distance For Year Stats
  • Distance Per Week (Last 4 weeks) Stats


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  • All the Free Stats
  • Elevation Stats
  • Calorie Stats
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Not yet, but that is coming soon
  • Yes! Simply toggle your preference from the dashboard

  • No problem, you can toggle any of the stats on or off at any time!
  • No problem, you can contact us and we’ll update your database to display the correct total
  • Even better, there’s a “Free Forever” option!

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